Abs are great, but have you tried donuts?

One Saturday morning, we (Grace) woke up before 2pm. This is an occurrence which would rarely happen in London, so we decided to take advantage of the situation.

We had been craving donuts for about a month, but Grace having IBS means they need to be gluten free and fodmap friendly. A donut mission was in order.

So we went in search of the elusive gluten free donut. Bondi markets was rumoured to have such donuts, so off we set via the coastal walk from Clovelly to Bondi.

Joining the path at Waverley Cemetery, we were battling for space with an almost non-stop collection of dog-walkers, runners, tourists, and even a few keen surfers, and taking a look around it’s easy to see why.

The walk showcases some of the best scenery east Sydney has to offer, with the beautiful sandy beaches of Tamarama and Bronte already packed with locals out making the most of the warm spring sunshine.

Our ongoing contest over whose home country is more picturesque was as hotly debated as ever, and although usually staunchly in favour of NZ, Blair had to award points to Australia today for making a springtime swim look so enticing.


Despite the temptation of a quick dip, our rumbling stomachs guided us away from the beach and towards the markets, tucked away in the grounds of Bondi Beach Public School.

Although donuts were our top priority, we were impressed with the collection of traders and stalls selling all manner of organic, healthy, and not to mention delicious looking food. DIY Korean noodles, Mexican breakfast burritos, Basque paella… if you can’t find something to suit your fancy here you should expand your horizons!

Much has changed since the last time Grace was here, the gluten free revolution definitely hit bondi markets hard! It is a fodmap dream.

Thankfully only a few stalls inside we found what we came for, and we sure weren’t disappointed. Nutie Donuts had some amazing creations on offer, and a 2-for-1 offer that couldn’t be turned down.

20160917_121852 (2).jpg

Both the double chocolate donut and the white choc/pistachio donut were devoured in record time, we even considered taking a third home for later but alas they had sold out in the short time we had taken to eat them! If you’re keen on snatching up one of these treats try not to leave it too late in the morning.

Being a farmers market there was also a wide selection of fresh fruit, veggies, meats, cheeses and more on offer, but while they say the fastest way to mans heart is through his stomach, Blair was quickly reminded that the fastest way to Graces heart is of course… Food AND Flowers!


Although a fairly small market, we can highly recommend it for a sunny Saturday morning. Bring a picnic blanket and join the locals on the grass devouring their market spoils. Chilling out in the sun enjoying the classic Bondi atmosphere in a food coma is an essential part of the experience.

Satisfied that our donut mission had been accomplished, we trudged slowly back home. But not before a quick stop to pose for some quality instagram-able shots courtesy of some wicked street art down at the beach.

Have you been to Bondi markets? Or somewhere better in the eastern suburbs or beyond? Share your stories with us and we will check them out! We are always in search of street food that can measure up to the amazing food we found in London.


Blair and all his “mates”

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