About us


What do you get when you combine two twenty-something antipodeans that after leaving behind their respective homes of Australia and New Zealand to chase the London dream, crossed paths over a mutual love of travel, food, nightlife and adventure? London Best Friends! (or LBF for short).

Ever wondered what it’s like to leave everything behind and move to a completely different continent? Well we’ve done it, and we loved it so much we’re doing it again. But this time we’re taking you with us every step of the way. Real time, real talk – we’re sharing everything and learning as we go, so you don’t have to.

We believe everyone, everywhere, who is curious enough, who is willing to take a chance, and who is keen to learn, should be given the opportunity to experience the feeling of total freedom. As part of our club you’ll become an integral part of our adventure and hopefully we will become part of yours.

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