5 ways to keep fit while travelling

You’ve put in the hard yards at the gym. Cut down on all sugary and fatty foods. Spent hours in front of the mirror checking yourself out. You jump on the plane headed off on tour and damn you look fine! Aaaand then within the first week away you’ve consumed 4 litres of alcohol, eaten 5 kebabs, had gelato for breakfast and generally enjoyed the hedonistic freedom that comes with being on holiday. Yes we’ve all battled with keeping fit and healthy on holiday, even the biggest gym junkies among us can start thinking less ‘SWOL-O’ and more ‘YOLO’. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Keeping fit on holiday can be as easy as keeping fit at home, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be looking on point regardless what you’re putting into your body! Here’s some of our favourite ways to stay fit while adventuring around the world:


Walk Everywhere

This might sound like a no brainer but seriously walking as much as you can on holiday instead of taking the bus/train/subway is the easiest thing you can do to stay healthy on tour. Your legs contain your body’s biggest muscles so working them all day is immensely helpful in keeping your fitness up. Chances are you will be doing a lot of walking anyway as you try to see all the sights and sounds of your destination, so it shouldn’t even feel like exercise! Take a look at the map before you set off for the day and try work out in advance what the walking time/distance will be between stops. Make a rule for yourself that anything less than 1-2km’s you have to walk. You’ll save money on transport and probably see a whole lot more of the city than you otherwise would have. A great way for uncovering little hidden gems and really getting into the vibe of the world around you.

Exercise/Fitness Parks

You’ve probably seen these dotted around your home town but if you’re a regular gym junkie then probably never had the need to use one. It’s easy to fall into the mindset of “well I can’t hit the gym while on holiday so I just won’t exercise at all”, but really this just means you’re too lazy to come up with an alternative! Exercise parks are the next best thing to a gym without the hefty price tag, usually comprising various pull-up bars, body-weight machines and steps/boxes allowing you to sneak in a full body workout with ease. Try going outside of peak times as sometimes these parks can get just as crowded as the gym (check out the Bondi Beach Park to see what I mean).

Beach fitness

This might be a hard sell to those of you who see the beach as the ultimate relaxation destination… so bear with me here! Yes you might want to just lie back on your lounger with a cocktail in hand working on your tan (like Grace), but the beach provides all kinds of opportunities for fitness for those who get bored easily (like Blair). Ever tried running on sand? You’ll be exhausted before you know it, and the best part is you can just dive in the ocean to cool off! While you’re in there, try paddling out a bit and working on your stroke, the currents will provide a bit of extra resistance to challenge even the perfect paddler. Back on dry land pick up a Frisbee or ball from the beach store if you’ve got space on the sand to run around a bit. The quick sprints and movements to nail a catch provide a great aerobic workout. Plus your style (or lack thereof!) might even get the attention of a few beach babes wanting to see more of your moves…

Plan ‘fitness’ activities

How many times have you heard some fitness freak tell you “exercise doesn’t have to be boring”, and how many times have you said “yes it does, take your positivity elsewhere and leave me to enjoy being fat”. Well on holiday you might find that fitness opportunities are hidden away disguised as other activities that are anything but boring! One of the best parts about traveling is getting to enjoy and try out different cultural experiences or pastimes, things you may not have access to at home. Take Spanish flamenco dancing for example. Not only does it look cool but it’ll leave you puffed by the end of the routine, try out a beginner’s class to see for yourself. Or if you want something a bit more intensive, maybe a Muay Thai Kickboxing or Brazilian Capoeira class could be up your alley. Even activities like kayaking are great for exercise. Hopefully you won’t notice your arms burning because you’re enjoying the view so much!


And finally….

Improvise Man!

Finally if you’re someone who likes to think outside the box and see’s the world as a big playground, fitness opportunities are literally everywhere around you. That big tree branch? Make shift pull-up bar! Spotted a picnic table? Great for jump squats! Backpack feeling heavy today? Pretend you’re a lifter and bench-press it! You’ll quickly find that simple objects can be used for all kinds of activities, and while you may look like a bit of a dork, you’ll feel great maintaining that perfect toned figure the whole length of your trip. You might even start adopting some of these tricks into your fitness routine at home!

Tried out any of our holiday fitness tips yourself? Know any other ways to keep shredded? We’d love to hear your thoughts so that we don’t pack on the pounds while away!

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