5 Ways to Beat the Post-Travel Blues

There’s no 2 ways about it. Post-travel blues SUCK. Nothing is worse than finding yourself after weeks or months of new experiences, new people and new passions back once again in your same office with the same people doing the same things. But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom! Travelling should enrich you and inspire you to do more, so why not start now. Here’s some of my favourite, creative ways to banish those blues using your travel experience as your weapon.

Turn a Holiday Activity into a Hobby

One of my favourite parts of travelling to new and diverse areas of the world is having the opportunity to get involved in new activities, pastimes, cultures or lifestyles that you wouldn’t normally do at home. The sweet combination of adrenaline, excitement, maybe a bit of peer pressure and a general ‘why not’ attitude has allowed me to enjoy some incredible one-of-a-kind experiences, like paddle-boarding around the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia. Now I’m not suggesting you take up soaring over the seas as a new way to spend every weekend, but maybe there was something else enjoyable and accessible you took part in while away. Did you fancy yourself as a bit of a masterchef at a Paella cooking class in Spain? Set aside some time at home to see if your skills are as good as you remember. Maybe you gave surfing a go on the Algarve coast in Portugal? Pick up a cheap 2nd hand board and hit the waves. Or maybe you went for a hike through Krka National Park in Croatia and thought “wow nature is really pretty!” See if any hiking clubs or groups exist in your local area and go enjoy the beauty of your own backyard. There’s no reason why a holiday activity can’t become a new hobby. It might even open you up to meeting other like-minded people that could become travel buddies for a future trip.

Connect with Other Travellers

Have you ever come back home from a trip, been super enthused to share your travel tales with your flatmates or friends, only to find that their response was simply “cool…”? It’s happened to me, and it can quickly turn your holiday into a memory of the past as you begrudgingly slot back into the familiar old daily routine. What I realised though is that this sort of generic, relatively uninterested response was only coming from people who hadn’t travelled themselves. It wasn’t so much that they didn’t care… they just didn’t know how to relate to a story about the joys of biking along the canals in Amsterdam after visiting a coffee shop (not a café…big difference!). Conversely, when I chatted with other people that had been travelling to similar parts of the world or had enjoyed similar experiences, the conversation just kept on flowing as we shared story after story of our overseas exploits. When you’re out on the road almost everyone you meet is a fellow traveller, with shared passions and shared interests, making it easy to connect. Back home however, the reality is that not everyone is going to care about the cuisines or the clubs or the cultures outside of their own world. Catch up with friends who share your love of travel as a priority, or see if there’s any traveller meet-ups you can get along to. There’s always someone eager to hear about your latest adventure!


Memorialise the Trip

Hundreds of photos. A random assortment of market trinkets. A few festival wristbands. And a bunch of hangovers that you wish you could forget permanently. These are the kinds of holiday souvenirs that every one of us would have brought home with us, and while these are all well and good, they don’t really stand out too much from your weekends or summers at home. You’ve just been on a rip-roaring trip across the globe! You need to give it the kind of commemorative status it deserves! If you’re a handy artist, maybe design or paint a scene from your favourite location. If you’re a musician, try writing a song that evokes the feeling and ambiance of somewhere that struck a chord with you. If you took lots of videos of your adventures, download some free video editing software and make a highlights reel so you can make all of your friends jealous in 3 minutes of glory. Get creative with your own skills and make something that you’ll be proud to remember forever, or at least until your next trip!

Tourist in your own Town

It’s funny how when in new and exciting international destination we will jump at the chance to take in the history, the architecture, the sights and sounds and everything that encompasses its unique identity. We’ve all been on walking tours and as much as we hate to admit it, become really interested in things we normally couldn’t care less about, hanging off the guides every word even if he is 2 minutes into 5 minute monologue about Gothic cathedrals! While this is a common feature of travels overseas, have you ever stopped and though about how much you REALLY know about your home town? Have you ever actually paid attention to those historical info signs dotted around the place? Do you know anything about why and when and how your town was founded? And what makes it what it is today? If you’re scared to answer those questions, maybe you need to take some time to be a tourist in your own town! Nothing beats holiday blues like finding new ways to love your own home. Join the other tourists on a walking tour and see if you can learn something new. Or even just immerse yourself in the streets to soak up the atmosphere with a pair of fresh eyes. It’s amazing how much you will find that you never knew existed, whether it’s something as small as a cute little café or as grand as a statue or monument you never knew existed, get out there and find it for yourselves!


And if all else fails…

Book Another Holiday

If all of the above fails then there really is only one other thing you can do… book your next trip! If you’re anything like me you will have come back hungrier than ever to see more, experience more, and engross yourself even more in the world out there. Lock it in and give yourself something to look forward to!


Know any blues-busters worth sharing with us? Got a friend who’s just returned from the big trip who needs a mood boost? Share this post and help your fellow travellers out!

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